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As someone who has been a game collector for over three decades, I have shopped from many stores and sellers. Secret Castle Toys and Games is by far and without a doubt, the best gaming store one can ever have the pleasure of shopping with. With not only a great variety of games, toys and collectibles to choose from the people who work here are pleasant and full of comedy\personality. I have spent far more than I should probably have as of recently at this shop but every cent has been worth it. If I could go beyond five stars I would because these guys are worth 100x more for how amazing they are!!!
Aaron C.
11/10 will buy from them again! I saw on TikTok that they had a game come in through trade that I loved and was looking to get. I immediately went to the storefront online and searched it, found it, bought it(I appreciate that because some shops put the video out but don’t add to the store for days, not them!!). I did that Friday, it’s now Monday and in my collection thanks to them. Disc and manual are CLEAN!
Thank you Secret Castle! Can’t wait to buy something else soon!
Daniel Sandoval
Secret Castle is the best KY gaming store. The staff is lovely. The prices for the games are at fair prices. The amount of variety is insane. I would recommend this store to anyone looking to drop some cash and expand their collections! Appreciate y’all 🤙🏼
Matthew Arroyo
Easily my favorite place for old school game shopping!! Their video game and console selection is absolutely wild. I bought my PS2 here and have been re-living my youth! Nostalgia is everything, man!! If you are a collector of games and toys of old this should be your first stop!
Martyr Time Y'all
I've ordered from them numerous times and I've always gotten my things quick and shipped well. The packages are packed well and the items came in the condition they advertised them in. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.
Joseph Doty